HowTo: Sync Google Reader With Delicious Bookmarks

I’ve been using Google Reader for about as long as I’ve been using Delicious. When it comes to finding new content I greatly prefer Google Reader over any other resource available, I also prefer Delicious over any other method for storing bookmarks. While sharing and starring items in my feed reader is convenient, it has steadily caused me to become remiss in saving items to Delicious over the years.


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HowTo: Inkscape 0.47

Inkscape Logo

I love Inkscape, it’s no secret. Most of the images in my portfolio were created using Inkscape. It has a clean interface, just the right tools to do what I want, and it’s free. I prefer it over any other available vector image editing program out there so I jumped at installing the newest release when it was made available. Some great new features include timed autosaves, spell check, better PS and EPS export. Unfortunately, the Ubuntu repositories don’t contain this version yet. On the bright side, installing 0.47 is a breeze using the apt-get build-dep function to install everything needed to put you on the path to vector editing zen.


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Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 3

Mozilla Messaging announced on Tuesday that it had officially released Thunderbird 3 its open source mail client. I’ve written about Thunderbird 3 before. New features to the client include tabs, and an impressive search component. I’ve gotten a few emails asking how to install via apt. So I’ll post those instructions too.


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Adobe AIR 2 Beta for Linux

Air App IconAbobe AIR 2 hit the net recently, it boasts a large number of improvements since its predecessors release a few years ago. Though it’s still in beta I’ve not had any issues with it so far.  Continue on below for installation instructions and a list of all the new bells and whistles.


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HowTo: Google Chrome In Ubuntu Linux

Google Chrome

For the past few weeks I’ve been using Google Chrome as my primary browser. I find that it performs very well compared to Firefox as well as making better use of screen real estate, even with the tweaking I wrote about last month. However, I still haven’t decided if it’s worth making the jump completely from Firefox, especially with such interesting developments in that browser’s evolution as well. It’s no shock to anyone that Firefox has been whittling away at Internet Explorer’s hegemony over the browser landscape for some time now. With the introduction of Google’s Chrome browser Internet Explorer’s fall from power continues, albeit, at somewhat of a glacial pace.


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HowTo: The Minimalist’s Firefox


Recently I read about an interesting Mozilla feature that allows users to create custom collections of add-ons to share with other users. Essentially making this post much easier for me to write now that I don’t have to drone on and on about which add-ons I use to streamline my favorite browser’s interface. I usually have about 20 tabs open at time and a lot of these are must-haves to make sense of everything. This group of plugins is a sure fire way to trim the fat off your Firefox browser. Also, for those of you lucky enough to own a netbook, they make browsing the web much easier on the eyes by maximizing the viewable content area. See the full post for even more space saving tips.

Minimalist’s Collection – A set of add-ons to streamline your browser without compromising usability.

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HowTo: Install Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu


If you’re impatient like me you won’t want to wait for Firefox 3.5 to hit the repositories to take advantage of its slick new features such as location aware browsing, and native open audio/video support under HTML5 . Luckily installing from source is a piece of cake. Simply download the Linux source file most relevant to you and read on below:


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Creative Commons #1: All-Star Wallpaper


Here’s the first of what I hope to be a series of posts in which I publish some sort of free content under the Creative Commons license. The idea for this design originated from a shirt in the movie “Step Brothers” with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Though, the design itself is based off of these Creative Commons licensed photographs by users BigGolf and tombothetominator. Without further ado:

In the spirit of sharing, here is a vector file so that you may build upon the work if you wish.

Creative Commons License

All-Star Wallpaper by Patrick Micka is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on these two works.

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HowTo: Change the Google Search Box Icon In Ubuntu Linux

Earlier this month Google unveiled yet another of it’s favicons. Though some disagree, I feel that this version is a lot nicer than any previous iteration, especially the one they released June of last year. Popular productivity blog Lifehacker recently posted instructions on how to replace the old Google icon in the search bar with the newer version. Though they didn’t provide any instructions for Linux users.

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HowTo: Ubuntu Eye Candy

Let’s face it. Not everyone likes orange and brown that much.


This guide will serve as a reference for future posts. Additionally, I hope that it will provide you with the framework and knowledge needed to customize your desktop in a way that reflects your personal preference. However, nothing in this post is set in stone, take as much or as little of it as you’d like. I’m open to criticism about what things you think I left off this list, so feel free to add more in the comments section. Take this as a list of ideas and suggestions to shape the feel of your desktop any way you’d like.


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